When will Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands & Fiji Tourism Re-open?

It will be nearly a year since most International borders closed but the vaccines are providing hope of a return to “somewhat” normal operations and the easing of border restrictions.

We would like to provide an update on the situation as it stands to assist with planning and expectations moving forward. There is no official date for the opening of International borders although we can confirm that no international arrivals travelling for leisure will be permitted until at least until the Summer 2021. 

All 3 governments have confirmed that any easing of restrictions will be linked to the control of the virus around the world. Whilst a slim possibility exists for arrivals from some countries in Spring 2021, our best estimate is that border restrictions will not be eased until at least September 2021 and more likely early 2022. 

For these destinations we will accept provisional reservations without a deposit post September 2021 if requested however our very strong advice is to look towards the end of 2021 and early 2022 unless specific bilateral travel “bubbles” have been officially announced.

The above advice is provided in the context of:

  • Qantas are not planning for the return of substantial international travel before July 2021
  • Both Australia and New Zealand Governments continue with containment and eradication strategies and have barely started their immunization programs.